Pop the Bubbly: Three Tips for a Fresh Start in 2019

The Life Lesson:

 New Year’s resolutions are set with the best of intentions. But sadly, most fail to translate into long lasting change. According to Health.com, approximately one third of Americans make resolutions; out of this motivated group, less than half are still on target just thirty days later. 

 So why do our goals fail so quickly? Most likely because they are too broad.  We have goals like “I will exercise more,” “get healthy,” or “save more money.” However, without any clear direction on how to do this, our high and mighty ambitions suddenly turn unrealistic.

 Here are three tips to help maintain the steam and focus as you power through 2019.

 1. It’s a marathon, don’t treat it like a sprint.  In other words, take small steps to make big changes. Chunking your goals into bite sized pieces will reduce the feeling of overwhelm and intimidation. Want to lose 30 pounds this year? Commit to a 30-day challenge of swapping out dessert for fruit.  Want to save tons of money? Avoid the incidental purchases at Target.  Want to get in better shape? Start with three minutes of exercise a day. You are not going to have it all and have it all now, so don’t scare yourself trying.  Little. Tiny. Baby Steps.

 2. Focus on one goal at a time.  Channel your efforts into one single ambition and attack it with laser-like focus.  This works amazingly to encourage a long-lasting behavioral change. And when I say laser-like focus, I mean it.  Don’t give a sh*t about what anyone else thinks and don’t stop when anything gets in your way (I mean, within reason.  You can’t neglect your kids or family or other significant obligations). Spotlight that one thing and get as serious about it as Tom Brady in a tied game at the fourth quarter with just 5 second and 5 yards to go.


3. Too much thinking and not enough doing.  This one is simple. Stop thinking about it, talking about it and reading books about it, and just do something already.  Everyday do something towards your goal.  Anything.  Action creates energy and momentum which snowballs into so much more that the original, simple act of just doing.  Procrastination on the other hand, is the high king of self-destruction.  So just do it.  (So cliché but thanks, Nike, for inspiring my New Year’s blog – insert eye rolling emoji here.).


The Legal Lesson:

No matter the resolution or approach you take towards reaching it, starting the new year gives us an opportunity to make some solid changes which can allow us to live life to the fullest, seize the day and work towards other goals that belong on cheesy motivational posters.  My version of the poster would read something like “Live your legacy and protect it for the ones you love.”  20West Legal provides not only unconventional advice on living your legacy (move over Tony Robbins), but is (very much more so) experienced in helping you secure the legacy you create.

Getting your estate plan in order may not be a resolution you have in mind, but it should be high on your list of things to do for those of you who haven’t done so yet. Like the above, with small steps, a focus on completing it, and actually doing it, you will quickly have a Will or Trust which will protect your family in the case of an emergency.It all starts with just one simple click below.