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Protecting the things you love, for the people you love.

Welcome! I want to congratulate you for making it here and taking the first step toward planning for everyone and everything you love. I cherish the opportunity to help secure what you love. I look forward to learning your story, hearing what matters to you, and helping you to discover what's actually needed to keep your loved one's out of court and out of conflict when something happens to you (or them). We specialize in creating wills and trusts to achieve your goals.

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Your Kids Protection Plan

Are you a parent of minor children? You may be part of the 69% of parents who do not have documentation in place for your kids in the event of an emergency. At 20West Legal, we prepare a full package of documents to ensure your children are taken care of by the people you want, in the way that you want. Our plans include instructions to caregivers, Temporary Guardian Appointment, Permanent Guardian Appointments, Child Health Care Proxies, Powers of Attorney for your minors and more.

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Undecided about who to name for your child’s guardian? No problem, it’s quite common for parents to be a little uneasy about estate planning. Many of our happiest clients started just where you are right now. Many reported that after they read the best-selling book on estate planning for families, Wear Clean Underwear (I know, it's a funny name, right?), they felt more at ease, educated and informed. I would love to send you a copy of this book for free, as my gift to you. 

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About Erica


Erica is a certified Personal Family Lawyer. She doesn’t just sit with you, ask a few questions and then decide what plan is right for you. In Erica’s practice, she spends time with you, educating and informing you so that you design your own plan based on your own needs, desires and wishes. Erica’s relationships with clients don’t end at the delivery of a set of documents. She routinely checks in with clients to ensure that the plan they have in place is one that will actually work when it comes time. You may walk in as strangers, but you will leave as friends.

In addition to an attorney, Erica is a mom of elementary school twins, a marathon runner and active member of the Sudbury community. She knows what it means to be busy. That’s why she has built 20West Legal based with the needs of a active family in mind.

“There are friends, then there is family.  Then there are friends that become family”

20West Legal is not just about drafting documents, we are about creating relationships. Sure, you may walk in as a stranger, but you will leave as a friend, knowing you have an attorney on your side for life. Read what clients have to say:

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Erica helped our family with our will and estate planning documents. She is very flexible and took the time to understand our situation and needs. She consulted a few accountants to make sure that our estate planning gives us the best tax option. I also appreciate that she explained legal terms in a very friendly way so that we understand what is needed and we have all the documents to protect our family. I highly recommend Erica! She is also a pleasure to work with. “ - FZ, Sudbury, Massachusetts

Erica dispels all the myths and jokes and fears surrounding what it's like to engage a lawyer. She was intelligent, succinct and efficient. Her communication skills are exemplary and while I have met and worked with lawyers that bill by 5 minute increments, she is generous with her time and unflaggingly loyal and dedicated to assisting me in achieving an end result. Thanks Erica, we so appreciate your time and efforts.” - TC, California

As a licensed professional with a private practice and as a Mom, I give Erica Endyke at 20West Legal my highest recommendation! Initially she helped us get the legal documents in place for our daughter starting college and what we needed as a family to be able to help our 18 year old daughter as needed.
Erica has a great way of distilling the law down into understandable language and what it all means for each one of us in the family. When you meet with Erica, what comes through is that she really cares and she wants you to be informed and understand the law so you can decide what is best to do. Erica also really listens to your questions and what you need and then in a brilliant way she makes the steps understandable and simple. I’m grateful to have Erica practice in Sudbury as she provides all the legal services we need as a family.
“ - MS, Sudbury, Massachusetts


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