Legacy Planning, it’s not about Death. It’s about Living your Best Life

For most, the holiday season can bring our everyday scurries to new heightened levels.  Things like parties everywhere, parking spots nowhere, creating the perfect holiday card and baking the best cookie can create a feeling of overwhelm and chaos for anyone. In such a state, we become reactive to our situations rather than present and purposeful. We forget what the holidays are really about, namely giving, loving, sharing, and, of course, sparkling.
These latter values are the core of your legacy plan.  Unlike your estate plan which focuses on protecting your assets, legacy planning is centered around who you are and your life’s purpose. It’s about striving to live your best life so that you leave behind not just your stuff, but your morals, your values and the success that you accomplished.  A legacy plan is built, it is a lifelong process and it is for imperative for everyone.
So as you go about this holiday season, remember as you are working your way through the holiday maze, this is your life’s work.  Act with intention, create traditions, empower children and future generations to be their most amazing selves — and obvi, leave sparkle wherever you go.